Saturday, 19 December 2009


Left flanking attack from the Romanians. The companies concentrate to give maximum impact to the assault.

They appear from the table edge straight into close action to their front. Such would have been the fighting at battles like Stalingrad.

Russians pull the neck in and keep quiet.

German Forward Observation team on hand to cooperate with their allies.
"Radio report to HQ they're in, they're in...oh, yes they are!"

Bang, crash, wollop...boooom...tough old Ivan. the pantomime dame gets a nagant round in the neck
"Oh no they're not...."
Next time it's time for the magic carpet..bombing, oh yes it is...

BKC street fighting rules

A serious test of BKC rules in a street fighting scenario, a la Stalingrad. We're starting by fighting the last battles for Kerch; Axis assault first followed by a Russian retaliation. The rules have been left pretty well as is, except that Battalions of 30/40 odd figs are companies. This, we hope, will address the groundscale problems of city fighting. Off we go...German assault troops left flanking attack.

German recce immediately shot up. First lesson of street combat: isolate and go mob handed. Supporting units to 'fire in' the assault.

Getting behind the flank the Stugs try and open the main road to the supporting PzIV F1's so that they can get forward of the initial biuldings complex.

Not dug in but using the cover afforded by the biuldings the Russians have interlocking fields of fire.
Enemies through the walls.
Keeping the enemy close spares defending troops from artillery stonks. This sets the scene for the battle, attritional and grinding. The rules reflect this and are capable of copeing with realistic outcmes without far.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Kerch: BKC Whopper Street Fighting

And so, into the city itself. Our mission: to (go boldy and) take BKC where we have not been heretofore, our longing to B the KC out of the German Army and restore Comrade Stalin and the system that he represents to the glorious position it will attain in the world, the 1990's. Hussah!

The city is abandoned and empty...apparently.

Bomb damaged and poorly made houses look with hollow and lifeless eyes upon the former glory of its cityscape....poetic, eh?......SUDDENLY there is a rumbling, coughing, scratching, belching, and wheezing....the wargamers have arrived!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Alisovski Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Here endeth the lesson...the lesson being that the Hun has definately learned his.
Romanians arrive in force (at last) smirking somewhat as the Germans have to fight this time.(1 and 2)
Detritus of the breakthrough. (3)
Infantry moves on cautiously. (4 and 5)

Overwatched by the air and artillery observers. (6 and 7)

Mortars quiet. (8)
No reply. (9)
Caution prevails. (10)
Infantry and armour have cut the two roads and artillery cut the third. (11, 12 and 13) The Germans lose points as do the Russians but the Russians didn't use all the available points in defence, so honours are about even...if you discount the fact that the Huns won...and all the Russian tanks are burning, etc.

Next stop, Kerch Town. Please have your tickets ready for inspection; thank you for travelling with Army Group South and have a safe onward invasion.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Living next door to Alisovski

Stuka stonk paves the way forward for the Grenadiers(1)

And very effective it proves to be...well co-ordinated and in close proximity of the German forward elements. This is when things could have gone horribly wrong but the targeting was bang on. (2) Here come the Romanians after their long trek up country(3)
Germans move through beaten zone.(4)
....between the Russian armour and the town, presumably to avoid contact with the edge of the wooded area...let sleeping dogs lay. (5)
Fire from the town....(7)
Russian infantry enfilade the hanomags and force an exchange of small arms fire. (8)
Russian artillery replies in kind to wreak havoc amongst the assaulting infantry. (9&10)

Russians Huzzah! Two Russian infantry battalions charge from the edge of town. It's a mess. Chaotic fighting ensues as Ivan closes with Fritz. All is fire (cotton wool) and blood (paint) oh! it's more than flesh (plastic) can stand! (11,12,13,14&15)

But in the end, after 50% casualties the Reds are back in the town....will they sallie forth again?... we'll see same time, same place, next week.