Friday, 16 October 2009

Alisovski Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Here endeth the lesson...the lesson being that the Hun has definately learned his.
Romanians arrive in force (at last) smirking somewhat as the Germans have to fight this time.(1 and 2)
Detritus of the breakthrough. (3)
Infantry moves on cautiously. (4 and 5)

Overwatched by the air and artillery observers. (6 and 7)

Mortars quiet. (8)
No reply. (9)
Caution prevails. (10)
Infantry and armour have cut the two roads and artillery cut the third. (11, 12 and 13) The Germans lose points as do the Russians but the Russians didn't use all the available points in defence, so honours are about even...if you discount the fact that the Huns won...and all the Russian tanks are burning, etc.

Next stop, Kerch Town. Please have your tickets ready for inspection; thank you for travelling with Army Group South and have a safe onward invasion.