Thursday, 29 December 2011

Chickamauga 1863. The Christmas Game; Part Two

The Confederates recce screen push as far as possible but run up against the MLR and falter. Not to worry however, as the main body, moving with their customary speed and elan, are right behind and coming in fast...

 The skirmish line kept the bridge clear for the next regiment to cross
 Sharpshooters take a heavy toll on the left flank
 Rebels begin to run out of steam..
 Shaking out for assault...
 ...confused fighting on the left because of broken ground and the farms...
'This teddy bar fur is mighty thick'

'Somebody gotta invent a 'one way' sign'

 More Rebs pour across the bridge...
 ...and fighting intensifies in the centre...
'We need a new flag!'

 The Union is holding...but only just.
 Yeehaa! Target rich environment...
 Union getting the upper hand on the left.
 Centre reaches critical point...
 ...but no-one blinks...
 More Reb cavalry arrives..
'OK, water wings ON!'
 Pushing to the creek..
 Holding, holding...
 Close country, close quarters.

 At last, some Union cavalry...but can they cope?
 Surprise, surprise...a staff officer! But it's a good call as he orders in the cavalry just as the Confederates have annihilated the Union right.

 The last of the right hand Regiments makes a final stand at the very edge of the table. Job done as they held up twice their number all through the game.
It has all come too late for the Confederacy. Their own right has failed at the farm (in distance) but their cavalry can't break the newly arrived Union troopers and must retire. So, an honourable draw was decided on.

My thanks to the usual Billys, Hughie, Colin et al for another great game.....anyone for a Chinese? 

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Chickamauga 1863. The Christmas Game; Part One

2011's mince pie and sausage roll game was held at Tall Billy's home and royally entertained we all were. His gaming room is both neat and functional and contains a wealth of superbly painted figures and scenery.

The game itself was a part of the battle of Chickamauga in 1863 during the American Civil War and was, apparently, the second bloodiest battle of that war. Being a virtual ACW novice I was ready to be captivated by the story of this slice of the battle, but to be honest i wasn't paying a great deal of attention because the visual display was extremely eye catching....Now for the piccies...

 Calm waters of the tower before the storm.
 Peaceful landscape.
 Reeds Bridge...I'm told.
 The Union troops are on the defensive to start off with in this area.
 Batteries line up...
 ...and down the road appear the Confederates.
 The recce cavalry (encouraged by Yosemite Sam) spread out to make contact with the enemy.

 Beyond the farm and saw mill they see them
 ...a small force of dismounted troopers with rifles.

 Things start to kick off from the right flank.

 Heedless (and headless) the cavalry push on.
 Zouves give fire...
 ...light troops rush for the bridge
 A columns of troops break down the fence to deploy
 Union forces are, as yet, spread fairly sparsely across the nine mile front

...Union troops fan out to stop the recce cavalry finding hole in the line thus far reached

The Confederates begin to arrive in force. Time for tea and nibbles, much more to come in part two...

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Eylau 1807: Napoleon's First Reverse? Part Two

 The French frontal attack didn't go terribly well. When the blizzard cleared they found themselves facing devastating fire from artillery and good grade infantry.

'Aspirin, we need more aspirin

No expense was spared on special effects...nope, not a penny.

 Prussians having helped out the Russians not the boot was on the other foot
 More artillery...
 ... and more men; Davout has arrived.

 French cavalry mass for the grand charge. Smart move or desperate Bonaparte?
'Jolly dee, off we go!'

 Plenty of cavalry to try to do justice to the charge at Eylau.

 The battle developed the feel of the tide coming in.
 It go messy.

 Not everything was as happened on the day but the result was near enough historical.

'Next time I fight in the cold I'm bringing a hot water bottle'
 Napoleon draws the proper conclusions.
'Do I look cool in these shades or what?'
 Davout turned up in the nick of time...again.
'All this just for a day out for the Phoenix.'

and, of course, Ney is in the wrong place at the wrong time. He saunters back in order to make a statement to the press. As we all know Ney could really pick his moments.

And...relax. Looked good, had fun and got a result. Excellent day. Watch out for the Christmas report this year (Deo Vollente) as it is ACW like you've rarely experienced it.