Sunday, 8 July 2012

Don't Get Excited

Right..don't get too excited. This isn't 'my D-Day so far'. I saw this fabulous diorama when a few of the usual suspects (assorted Billys and such) went to Belgium for the weekend to see the Battle of Waterloo site...which we missed...the locals explained that we were 197 years late. Poor planning on our part. However, we went to Brussels and had a look around their national museums and I only photographed my favourite 20,000 things...this being one.

It posses some questions I would like to answer here.

 Yes, I'd love to be able to model to this quality for wargaming.
 No, I can't...even if I lived on earth to be 1000 years old
 My stuff really does look basic compared to this. But if it was this good would I let anyone touch it? Would I dare wargame with it myself?
 Just look at the looks just like the harbour here in Ayr...cold.
 The detail, apart from being incredible, is joined up into a kind of logical set of incidents.
 Loved the cam nets.
 ...and the LCA up on blocks.
 The 20mm Oerkilon guns..(anyone know where you get those as they're tricky to scratch?)
 ...all that dockside gear...
 The glare is from the overhead lights reflecting off the case
 It really looks a fab scratch job.
 The crew look almost bespoke...
Hooray for Airfix...

Brussels was very nice but Waterloo was great.

The trip enhanced my appreciation of both D-Day and Waterloo. The Military Museum is very large and well worth a visit. It is undergoing a programme of rolling refurbishment and promises to get better still.