Monday, 1 September 2014

Cobra '44: Howdy!

Having no Luftwaffe to play with fighters turn 'Jabbos' in short order. It should have been P47's but they're still in kit form so, here come the P51D's with 500lb bombs...
'Howdy! Ah feel the need to unload, boy'
A brace of Mustangs spot the target they've been whistled up for and the leader calls in a "Tally Ho" (US pilots adopted British terms to aid comms eg 'Strafe', 'Flak', 'Bandit', etc.)
 They fly straight over the PAK 43 without seeing it...but the Panther sticks out like a sore thumb.
'Watch my six and beware of ceiling tiles!'
 These are the old Airfix kits. Still nice.
 Forget the Tommy Cookers! Load AA! Jabbo's!
 Everyone and his missus fires at the incoming ground attack. In RF everyone along the flight path to target gets a pop and the wingman nearly gets hit by a kitchen sink. Tom rolled a zero 6 on 2 x D10's but he needed zero 5 (based on about a dozen rolls on the way in)
 At the same moment the recce reaches the edge of town and the jeeps are wrecked by intense small arms fire.
 Still covered by smoke Shermans close in on the other side of the village. This divides the fire nicely.
 The jeeps are proving too delicate for this task (jeeps by Hasegawa)
 Armour closes as far as it can. RF is quite strict about unsupported armour closing with infantry.
 Following recon is the main body...supported by infantry.
 The defenders are on a very sticky wicket indeed...
 Meanwhile....Boom, boom! Ross dodges the flak and rolls a miss and a direct hit, followed by a 6 for damage!
 One Panther put down.
 Hello, what's all this? Smoke to the front on the stalled flank...but it's not Allied.
 To keep heads down shells are being lobbed into the vicinity.
 ....but on the other side of said smoke, Jerry is on the move
 Discretion being the better part of valour the hun falls back to continue his retreat and save some strength
'You, yes you! Where's your hand?' 'Sir! Here it ...was.'
 The Airfix Famo struggles up the road pulling a Skytrex PAK 43 (plastic pulls metal...hmmm?)
 Looking for more trade...
 In RF you don't get to hang around long (two moves)

 Maybe time for one more run. We still have a couple of eggs.

 Slowly the infantry began to catch up.
 Happy is the (Armourfast) armour that moves behind (cotton wool) smoke....

 ...and with air cover.

 The Flak keeps it up as long as the threat persists.

 Aerial shot of the German departure.

 The queue for bus tickets is on...

 Panther cooks off. I've always liked the Matchbox Panther but this is quite satisfying.
 A 500lb direct hit can really ruin your day.

 As usual somebody has to cover the retreat and in this case it's the 8cm mortar (from the Pegasus set)

 Time to hook up...

 ...and get out of (resin) Dodge. Not the easiest thing to do when the US Army is at the front door. the Germans use the tradesman's entrance

You probably recognise most stuff but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Next time we will see if there is an appetite for a chase! Meanwhile, thanks to Colin, Ross, Tom and everyone else who knows me.