Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Aftermath: Ninth Army Supply Route Open

 We thought it would be an interesting part of the story to show the result of the battle...
The Rzhev supply road opens for business. Ninth Army will now get its post and pepper, food and fodder, munitions and...er...muesli?
 The first thing was to have the pick'n'shovel brigade clear the block...
 ...hustle the POW's to the rear...
 ...having hived some off for the dangerous jobs. In this case the clearing of the marked mine fields.
 RV and final objective of the Cossacks. They wait to see who made it.
 It helps having the people who laid the field lift it...quicker!
 Road widening and repair.
 Graves registration
 Motor transport first. All through WW2 the German Armies remained 75-80% horse drawn transport. Trains to railheads when available did a lot of the work but horses did the lions share of distribution.
 Dobbin also pulled the artillery...
 ...and the PBI got the verge.
 Typical. Tooting everyone aside ADC and comms wagon, plus protection, bumps up. It's all over and safe so staff can come and take the credit.
 Off to the bad side of old Mother Russia...
 ...you never knew who had the worse fate
 This lot are out of it anyway. It's not surprising that figures for Russian casualties are sketchy for the 'The Great Patriotic War' as there were probably hundreds of unmarked mass graves.
'...and the horse you rode in on...sir!'
 Quick O Group.
 Someone always has to catch up
...and that's it. Until the next game.